Board of Directors

Susan Roth, President

Hanna Schayer, Vice-President

Gord Garshowitz, Secretary

Liora Malka, Treasurer

Rachel Bernholtz

Beth Van Der Stoep

Mel Enkin

David Papernick

Greg Matusovsky

Lisa Morris

Clareta Schoenberg

Alexis Wenzowski, Staff Representative


Food Bank Committee

Fundraising Committee

Human Resources Committee

Financial Assistance Committee

Governance Committee

Ad Hoc Comittees as needed

Board Functions

  • Determine, sets standards, monitor and implement policy.
  • Provides support services, evaluation and follow-up to professional staff.
  • Prepare for and attend meetings.
  • Interact with the Hamilton Jewish Federation¬†and other affiliated agencies.

The Hamilton Jewish Family Services Board of Directors is accountable to the Hamilton Jewish Federation and the local Jewish community. Board members must possess a thorough understanding of the agency and its functions.