Job Interview Question & Answer

Do you have a job interview coming up?  Interviews can be high stress and full or anxiety.  A little practice and preparation always pays off.

Book your personal one-on-one session with our Employment Counsellor to guide you through some of the most common interview questions and answers so you will be prepared to answer

1/2 hour sessions available.  Email Dina Honig your resume and job description of position applied for.

Pre-Registration is required.

ZOOM Event:     Wednesday, January 19th                                  10 am – 12 noon

Youth Cannabis Awareness

Youth have the highest prevalence of cannabis use in Canada.

Cannabis use during adolescence increases the lifetime risk of developing a substance use disorder and may amplify existing mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety and psychosis.  

Join representatives of the YWCA Youth Cannabis Awareness program as they share techniques and tips to speak with youth about the use of  cannabis along with any questions or concerns you have.

ZOOM EVENT:     Thursday, February 3rd                                       7:00 pm