Looking to meet people or spend time with those you already know?

Hamilton Jewish Family Services offers a wide range of adult social and educational programs. Come out and meet new friends and spend time with old friends.

Kibitz corner 

Kibitz Corner is a phone based program providing education and recreational programing in a fun and interactive atmosphere. 

Programs run Monday thru Thursday at 11 am and are open to all.


KIBitz corner Basics:

  • Completely free program.
  • Programs are multi-person phone conversations (or conference calls).
  • No special equipment needed – just your average phone!
  • Call yourself in to the program, or we can call you – it’s your choice!
  • Each phone session is 30 minutes in length.
  • Each phone session averages between 5 – 10 people on the call.
  • You are able to hear each other, talk to one another, learn, and/or just have fun!

Kibitz Corner promotes

an environment that values:

  • Positive communication between people
  • Courteous conduct
  • Mutual respect, fairness and equality